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Be not afraid. Be not a passenger in your life. Be the driver of your destiny. Find freedom in the assurance that your life has purpose and meaning, that you are here for a reason. Find the courage to discover and be your true and authentic self. Then take action. Staying stagnant shouldn’t be an option or a comfy place for you to reside. Challenge yourself to live your best life! Look in the mirror and say I am worthy of living the life intended for me. Then, begin your journey and witness what is manifested… You are worthy!

Veronica Maldonado-Torres is a highly versatile and visionary businesswoman, entrepreneur and community leader. Known as the people and business accelerator, Veronica is a seasoned business strategy consultant, trainer and speaker who empowers leaders and businesses to thrive in her role as CEO and founder of VMT Consulting.  


A small business champion and supplier diversity advocate, Veronica is a catalyst of growth for both small businesses and large corporations, bringing thought-leadership and innovation to the supplier development space. Veronica excels at building strategic alliances and fostering win-win relationships between small businesses and corporate America.


For over a decade, she has successfully guided the development and growth of more than 150 firms across multiple industries ranging from $1M-$100M in annual revenue. Having led the Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection (MPC) as Program Director, she has fostered over 131 Fortune 500 corporate relationships, supported the supplier development efforts of more than 41 corporations, as well as created and produced over 85 small- to large-scale business conferences and events including the Georgia Innovation Summit. 

A passionate community leader with a desire to serve

Veronica brings her entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity, born from over 60 years of generational entrepreneurship on both sides of her family, to the companies she mentors and develops. Through creative business coaching, mentoring, capacity building and corporate connections, Veronica enables small businesses to increase sales, secure long-term contracts, and maximize their growth potential by unleashing the value proposition they bring to corporate America. Veronica also works directly with large corporations to support, create and implement supplier development programs, diversity and inclusion initiatives, cultural training, executive coaching, and leadership development programs, with a special emphasis on women and multicultural professionals. 


Understanding that people are at the heart of business success, Veronica empowers CEOs, executives and professionals through mentorship and coaching, equipping them to navigate their corporate culture, develop as leaders, own their authentic brand and define their life’s vision in order to achieve personal and professional success.   

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